Protection for You and Your Home

Considering a home improvement project or building a new home? Some improvement projects become necessary because of the age and condition of your home, such as a new roof, installing hurricane-proof windows or replacing your air-conditioners. Other projects are “passion” projects: finally getting a pool, adding another bedroom or updating to a modern kitchen. For others, building a new home from the ground up is very exciting.

This is not just your house. This is your HOME where you and your family will experience wonderful memories for years to come. But so much can go wrong that can derail those plans. We help property owners when their home improvement project has turned their dream home into a nightmare. 

Which Best Describes You 
and Your Construction Project? 

I have not signed a contract yet and I want to make sure I am protected when I do.

The absolute best time to consult with a construction lawyer is BEFORE you sign your construction contract. Our clients get valuable guidance that sets their projects up for success, including:

  • Advice on how to pick a contractor
  • Owner-friendly language every owner should want in a construction contract
  • Consultation during projects for any issues that arise
  • The right payment releases so that construction liens are avoided

florida construction attorney

My project is taking too long, costing too much or is not living up to my expectations.

All projects start with the best of intentions. But home improvement projects very often go sideways in terms of time, cost or quality of work; or worse yet, all three. We help owners by using all the tools available under the law to put maximum pressure on contractors to perform.

florida construction attorney

A lien was put on my home or I just can’t deal with this contractor any longer and I need help NOW!!

We have seen all the horror stories. Disappearing contractors. Abandoned work. Failed inspections. Liens filed by unpaid subcontractors (yes, you may have to pay twice!). It’s not pretty. There is a right way and a wrong way to deal with these not-so-uncommon situations. We help owners navigate through these landmines to a properly concluded home improvement project.

florida construction attorney

The work is done, but I think I have CONSTRUCTION DEFECTS.

The project is over. Inspections have all passed. But the work isn’t standing the test of time. Maybe you found mold. Maybe you found water leaks. But from where? Is it the roof? The windows? The plumbing? The stucco? Do you have a warranty? If so, for how long? If not, do you have any rights at all? You have lots of questions. We have answers. We help homeowners make warranty and construction defect claims against their contractors and builders.

florida construction attorney