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Insurance Case Study #3: Eduardo Gets a New Roof

Our Client Eduardo lives in Fort Myers. Eduardo’s roof was damaged in Hurricane Irma. Eduardo’s insurance company agreed that covered damage occurred from the Hurricane but paid him nothing. According to his insurance company, the damage did not exceed his deductible. Eduardo was angry, and he called us.

Although Eduardo’s roof damage was not widespread, we brought in a roofing engineer to evaluate his roof.  The engineer concluded that the roof damage could not be repaired because the roofing tiles on Eduardo’s roof were no longer manufactured. As a result, any replacement tiles would not match as required by Florida law. We disputed the insurance company’s conclusion with a professionally prepared report. We demanded that the insurance company pay Eduardo to replace his entire roof. And they did.

At Wyman Legal Solutions our team has the resources and knows the laws that make recoveries like this possible for our clients. Contact us today so we can help turn your property damage from “sudden and unexpected” into an insurance claim that is COLLECTED!