Insurance Myth #3: The Insurance Company’s Field Adjuster Will Make Sure I am Paid for All of My Damage

After you notify your insurance company about your claim, they will send someone to your property to look at the damage. This person is called a “field adjuster”. The field adjuster is usually a friendly person. His job is to analyze your damage and gather information. The field adjuster then puts this information into a report and submits it to the insurance company.

By being friendly and usually sympathetic, it may feel like the field adjuster is “on your side”. He is not. The field adjuster will usually say things that make you think he wants to maximize your claim. He does not. This person has no authority to speak about whether your claim is covered. And he has no authority to tell you whether the insurance company will pay you anything at all. The field adjuster acts as your insurance company’s eyes and ears. He will tell the insurance company things you tell him that might be used later to reduce or deny your claim. They are very much on the side of your insurance company.

Insurance companies have professionals on their side looking out for their best interests.  Who is looking out for yours?  At Wyman Legal Solutions our team has dealt with hundreds of insurance claims and we advocate for you on your insurance claims. If you or a loved one have experienced sudden or unexpected damaged to your home, contact us today.