MICHAEL F. GILIBERTO - Wyman Legal Solutions

Michael F. Giliberto

Michael Giliberto has a diverse background in law, spanning both public service and private law firm legal roles. Graduating from the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law and Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Michael's journey has been marked by a commitment to service and professional excellence.

Before joining Wyman Legal Solutions, he served as a Construction Prosecutor with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Construction Industry Licensing Board, where he diligently upheld regulatory standards and prosecuted construction-related licensing violations.

Michael also served as In-House Counsel at the Chicago Transit Authority, providing strategic legal guidance and representing the organization in complex litigation matters.

His experience in public and corporate legal sectors has honed his ability to navigate intricate legal landscapes and deliver favorable client outcomes.

Michael is admitted to practice law in Florida, Illinois, and New York.

Notably, Michael served in the United States Army, holding key leadership roles as a Cavalry Officer.