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The CARES Act and Your Small Business

With the US Government’s CARES Act hot off the presses, we are identifying massive opportunities for small business owners who do not panic. When (not if) we get past the COVID-19 pandemic, a surge of business will be created in just about every industry. For smart, confident, responsible business owners, the government has just handed you the tools to make sure that at the very moment that the business surge arrives, you will be primed to take advantage.

Unfortunately, those tools are mired in an 880-page document that reads like an insurance policy on steroids. Fortunately, we’ve taken the essential small-business components of the CARES Act and compiled a team of professionals that are ready to help navigate your small business through the Legal, Financial and Human Resources hoops that stand in the way of your business getting the assistance it needs – not just to survive, but to thrive!

*          Are you concerned about cash flow?

*          Do you want to keep your valuable employees?

*          Do you care about your clients?

*          Do you want to be poised to take your competitors’ customers or clients when the smoke clears?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then take these 2 simple steps to begin coordinating your company’s pandemic response and growth strategy:

  1. Call (561) 361-8700 to schedule a consultation;
  2. Allow us to personalize a plan that fits your budget and goals, including:

*          Professional assistance applying for the Payroll Protection Program Loans <>  or other programs the government has made available under the CARES Act;

*          Access to one of our firm’s Business Lawyer on Retainer programs to answer your questions during these uncertain times as they arise without being charged for every phone call and email;

*          Counseling and Guidance through Human Resource issues;

*          A strategic evaluation of your company’s business plan, budgets, financial controls, policies and procedures

Your actions at this moment…right here…right now… will define your company’s success for the next decade and beyond.

Are you ready?