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Avoid Having Your Water Damage Claim Denied!

water damage claim denied

Water damage claims are among the most frequent claims made under homeowners insurance policies – especially in Florida. But the coverage provided for water claims can be confusing. When might your claim for water damage be covered or denied?

Insurance is intended to cover “sudden and accidental” damage – think storm damage or a pipe burst. Homeowners insurance will generally not cover “seepage” or damage that occurs gradually over a long period of time – think a slow water drip from the pipes inside your walls. If the reason for your damage is not sudden and accidental, then your water damage claim may be denied.  Insurance companies are often rewriting their policy coverage terms, sometimes yearly, to narrow the types of water damage losses they cover.

So what can you do about it?

First, do business with an independent insurance agent who represents more than one company. Independent agents can help you find more coverage options and the best insurance for your needs.  We can introduce you to a trusted independent agent. You can also try to find one on your own by looking here: PIA for Florida or The Big I.

Second, be proactive by inspecting your home for signs of water damage and by maintaining your home regularly. Also, pay attention to any mail or emails you receive from your insurance company at your annual renewal for changes to your insurance coverage.

Finally, when a claim arises, make sure you consult with an attorney who is experienced in handling water damage claims for homeowners. At Wyman Legal Solutions we help people who have suffered sudden and unexpected property damage and put them back into their homes and businesses. We are passionate about helping our clients level the playing field with their insurance companies so they can get the money they deserve out of their insurance claims. Contact us today for help.