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Who is YOUR lawyer?

It’s a simple question, really. I’m sure you can tell me who your doctor is. You could even tell me who cuts your hair. But you can’t tell me who your lawyer is because you don’t have one. Do you?

Now more than ever, having a trusted advisor is so critical. A lawyer shouldn’t just be someone you turn to AFTER a problem arises. As a lawyer, the most value I can provide you is to be there to guide you away from trouble before it hits you.

If you do not have a lawyer you can turn to for timely, valuable advice when you really need it, it is for one of three reasons:

  1. You don’t understand why you need a lawyer.

Here’s why you need a lawyer….

A lawyer guides you through all of life’s uncertainty and in your moments of greatest need.

A lawyer empowers you to take control when you are worried about planning for your future or your children’s future.

A lawyer eases your anxiety when you are concerned about this economy and your finances.

A lawyer is a trusted advisor you can call when you know that making the “wrong” decision will be expensive.

A lawyer has your back and helps you anticipate problems before they arise.

A lawyer is your quarterback when solving problems.

  1. You don’t know any lawyers you can trust.

Every successful person gets guidance from people they trust. I bring my perspective as a father, son, and business owner to all of my clients’ legal problems so I can give honest, straightforward, and valuable advice. But don’t just take my word for it. Read these reviews written by actual clients:

  1. You think you cannot afford a lawyer.

With our Lawyer on Retainer plans, having a lawyer you can consult with on all of life’s problems is available to everyone and to every business for a fixed, low monthly fee. Call us at (561) 361-8700 to learn about which one of our plans is best for you.

So, the next time you find yourself needing to make an important decision, you can say “First, I need to speak with MY lawyer!”