Handling Legal Issues at All Phases

Sometimes a lawsuit will hit you despite your best efforts to avoid it. While not all of those lawsuits will withstand a proper defense, they all need to be dealt with regardless of how frivolous you think they are. Almost all lawsuits can distract you from running your business. Some can outright destroy you. Whether it is civil litigation, a breach of contract lawsuit or commercial litigation, you need a business litigation lawyer.

At Wyman Legal Solutions, we are experienced at handling legal problems at all phases, whether pre-suit, in litigation, at trial, or through mediation or arbitration. Our business litigation law firm handles matters in all Florida State and Federal Courts.

business litigation lawyer

Relieve the Stress of a Lawsuit

Everything we do is designed to reduce your stress level while dealing with these problems so that you can focus on running your small business, startup, or enterprise. We do this through an early and continuing evaluation of your business issues, and by planning litigation with the end in mind.

If your case is strong, we will tell you and plan accordingly. If your case is weak, we will tell you that too; and we’ll advise you how best to proceed.

business litigation lawyer

Our Business Litigation Experience

Business disputes and representative business litigation matters we have experience handling include:

Employee Dishonesty

Fraud or Disappointed Expectations
in the Purchase of a Business

Nonpayment in the Sale of a Business

Business Partnership Disputes

Business Valuation Disagreements
Upon Buyout

Shareholder Derivative Actions When a Shareholder Enforces a Corporate Right

Officer and Director
Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Piercing the Corporate Veil to Establish Liability Against an Officer/Director

Business Contract Disputes

Stolen Trade Secrets

Usurpation of
a Corporate opportunity

Deceptive and Unfair
Trade Practices

Misrepresentations Made
While Soliciting an Investment

Lawsuits Under the
Americans With Disabilities Act