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Advising contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers in their day-to-day businesses, and litigating construction lawsuits, are a lot like running a construction project. Each requires careful planning ahead of time to make sure that everything runs smoothly from the start. Every legal strategy starts with a plan – a blueprint – followed by preparation and execution.

construction law firms

Which Best Describes How We Can Help
your Construction Business?

I have a specific job where I am having trouble getting paid.

Florida’s Construction Lien Law is written to give contractors and subcontractors the tools they need to make sure they get timely and properly paid for their work. But these laws can be confusing and complicated. The time frames to act are strict and unforgiving. One mistake can cost you the leverage you need to force a prompt payment. And without that leverage, you might not get paid at all – especially if you are a subcontractor dealing with bigger, wealthier general contractors. We help contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers get paid for their hard work.

construction law firms

My contracts really need an upgrade.

We also help these professionals tilt the scales in their favor with contractual provisions designed to get them paid. When a contractor is referred to us for the first time it is usually because they’re having trouble getting paid on a job. When we ask to see the contract their customer signed, it’s easy to see why.  They’re using a contract they “Frankensteined” together from some combination of Google and a contract their former boss used to use. When you do not use a contract professionally prepared by a lawyer, it shows your customer that you do not take getting paid seriously. So, if you don’t care enough about getting promptly paid, then why should they? We draft contracts for our clients using the right “terms and conditions” that will increase your chances of getting paid on time…every time.

construction law firms

I have a client who is dissatisfied with my work.

You can’t please all the people all the time. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your customer is unhappy. It’s always best to do whatever you can to smooth this over before lawyers get involved. But some owners get their lawyers involved as soon as a problem arises. Very often unhappy clients and their lawyers invoke Florida’s Construction Defect Statute (F.S. Ch. 558). The 558 Notice kicks off some very important deadlines and can also implicate your insurance coverage. Don’t go to battle with a lawyer without having your own construction attorney in your corner.

construction law firms

Construction lawyer on Retainer

Through our Business Lawyer on Retainer access plans, we serve as your “outside general counsel”. Our clients know that whenever they have any questions about how to proceed, or they need help planning and protecting their businesses, we are here to give timely, valuable advice.


construction law firms


Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I highly recommend hiring Andy Wyman! My wife and I were taken advantage of by our homeowner’s insurance company and their general contractor. We were out of our home for over a year, living in temporary housing until our house was livable again. After months of being neglected, we hired Andy and we began to see results immediately! Not only did he step up and obtain a settlement payout from our insurance company, he also terminated our general contractor. Needless to say, we are now able to finish our home and turn it into a brand new home on the insurance company’s dime! We could not have asked for more and Andy was there throughout the entire process. Hiring Wyman Legal Solutions gave us peace of mind and sizeable results.

— Jason W.

Brilliant, Dedicated, Ethical, FANTASTIC

Andy Wyman is by far the BEST Attorney I have had the pleasure to work with in my 40 Years in Business. His analytical and thorough approach to legal matters and honest perspective sets him apart from other Attorneys I have also had the pleasure to work with. Andy rises above the “BAR” of being an Attorney. The degree of respect I received and his inclusive nature in working as a Team with his clients places him in a League above. Anyone that requires an Tremendously Qualified Attorney would be well served to give Andy a call.

— Lawrence

Andy is an excellent professional; it was a pleasure to work with him not only as a lawyer also as human being. He always answered my call immediately and provides feedback for every single question. He exceed my expectations and his advices were valuables for me all the time. My case was closed and I am very happy with the results.

— Diana

Very Responsive and Professional

Mr. Wyman took the time to understand my situation. He was very professional and fair. He was a great negotiator and came up with a settlement that worked for everyone involved.

— Elaine

I have been in the property management business in South Florida since 2009. Andy Wyman of Wyman Legal Solutions has been doing an outstanding job of not only giving expert legal advice but has structured our 5 LLC’s as well as our partnership agreement. Andy and his team has also helped me settle a major construction dispute from a major contractor in Palm Beach County that affected my personal home also. I highly recommend Andy and his team at Wyman Legal Solutions for your legal advice and I feel a sense of security knowing I have Andy in my corner.

— Maria S.

WLS could not have been more helpful and on top of everything. Beyond legal, he was a partner with me on this unfortunate journey. While we would all prefer not to have a legal issue, if you are to have one I would share you want Andy taking that ride with you. There was never a time that I did not feel he was all over everything. Strong communications and always felt like I was getting genuine, thoughtful coaching.

— Andrew J.

WLS has taken great care of my business. Andy has provided the care and support I have needed regarding all legal issues that have come up. He is very communicative, shares his honest opinion about what the best options are, and handles everything with grace. I will continue to use WLS in the years to come!

— Brooke S.

I hired Andy Wyman to represent me in an insurance claim that was originally denied. His advocacy, knowledge of the process and the law lead to a pay out that now offers me the opportunity to repair all the damage in my home. Mr. Wyman was accessible, diligent, and returned my calls and emails immediately. I can think of no other attorney better equipped to handle these claims. I would recommend Mr. Wyman without hesitation!

— Miriam A.

You cannot go wrong with Wyman Legal Solutions. The whole staff takes an individual approach to issues to show they truly care about helping their clients. When I ran into a huge obstacle, Andrew & his team put aside what would make sense revenue wise for them to show it was more about providing me great counsel, accurate information, and the best chance to succeed. This meant introducing me to additional experts who could directly handle my situation in a quick manner. It lead to our success. I have now known Andrew Wyman for many years, and highly recommend you hire him to join your advisory team. He is very smart and relatable at the same time. Thank you Wyman Legal!

— Jason R.

We ran into some difficulty with a general contractor and Andy was extremely helpful coming in after the fact (i.e., we had signed the contract already) and ensuring that we knew our rights and protected us with the proper documentation. Would definitely recommend–and probably a good idea to get him involved before you sign anything. Thank you, Andy!

— Craig K.