We Help People Who Suffer Unexpected Property Damage Get Back Into Their Homes and Businesses

Sometimes that means we step in and take control of your insurance claim for you. Sometimes that means we make a claim against the condominium association, neighbor, property manager or contractor responsible for damaging your property. And sometimes the issues do not neatly fit into one box or the other.

That’s why you need attorneys who understand insurance, construction, condominium and real estate issues. We have over 20 years of experience directly in the “sweet spot” of where these disciplines intersect. This experience allows us to successfully guide property owners through their complex property damage issues. The sooner you involve Wyman Legal Solutions in your property damage claim, the better.

property damage lawyer

As your property damage claim lawyers, we do the following:

We identify and give notice to all
potentially responsible parties.

We figure out how to assess and
properly repair your damage.

We get you paid for your damage

We get you back into your home
as quickly as possible.

Which Best Describes Your Current
Property Damage Claim?

I just discovered damage and don’t know where to begin. 

How you first respond after discovering property damage can make or break your claim. After you first discover damage, and once your family is safe, take these steps:

  1. If you have insurance, call your insurance company to report your claim.
  2. Take photographs or video of the damage and/or cause of the damage.
  3. Take steps to prevent the damage from getting worse if you can do so safely. This includes calling a reputable emergency mitigation company.
  4. Call our experienced property damage claim lawyers at (561) 361-8700.

property damage lawyer

My insurance claim is taking too long and I can’t get answers from my insurance company!

Have you cooperated with your insurance company’s requests for information, documents and an inspection? Yes. Shouldn’t they be cooperating with you? Absolutely.

Insurance companies are obligated by law to handle your claim in good faith.  That means promptly communicating with you, properly investigating your claim, paying you whatever amount is “undisputed” and attempting in good faith to settle your claim. However, insurance companies will often engage in bad faith claims handling tactics. Our insurance lawyers routinely file a Civil Remedy Notice (CRN) with the State of Florida, calling the insurance company out on its bad faith claims handling. Watch the video on our insurance claim page to see how a properly prepared and timely filed CRN levels the playing field for our clients.  Then call (561) 361-8700 to ask our insurance claim lawyers if a Civil Remedy Notice is right for your claim.

property damage lawyer

My insurance claim has been underpaid or denied, I can’t use some or all of my property, I am in over my head and I need help NOW!

Insurance companies know how to play the game.  It’s time for you to level the playing field.

Our goal is to get you as much money as we can in as short a time as possible. To do this, we use all tools at our disposal. Sometimes filing a lawsuit is the best strategy. Other times, invoking your policy’s “appraisal” clause is in your best interest. There is usually more than one way to bring a claim to resolution. Every claim is different and the best strategy for someone else might not be the best strategy for you. Call (561) 361-8700 and ask our insurance claim lawyers which solution is right for your insurance claim.

property damage lawyer

My claim is against someone else who is at fault, and that person (or company or Association) is not taking responsibility!

It may seem clear as day to you that the person who caused your damage should take responsibility and make it right. If it were that easy, we wouldn’t have any clients! Unfortunately, people often do not do the right thing until forced to do so. This includes your condominium association, your contractor, and even your neighbor like the nice little old lady who lives upstairs. Our attorneys force people at fault to take responsibility for the damage they cause to our clients.

property damage lawyer

Our Experience with Property Damage Claims

Hurricanes & Floods

Associations Failing To
properly Maintain Common Elements

Roof Leaks &
plumbing Backups

Pipe Bursts
under Your Concrete Slab

Leaks & Water Runoff
from Neighboring Units or Land

Contractor Mistakes
or Faulty Construction


Additional Living Expense (ALE) Claims

Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Business loss/Business
interruption Claims

Appraisals and Mediation

Accusations of Fraud