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Do You Have the Right Homeowners Insurance?

At Wyman Legal Solutions, we help people who have suffered sudden and unexpected property damage and put them back into their homes and businesses. We are passionate about helping our clients level the playing field with their insurance companies so they can get the money they deserve out of their homeowners insurance and business insurance claims.

We believe that not insuring your home, business of other property is a major mistake.  Yet, we have been contacted by countless numbers of people who either did not get insurance or did not get the RIGHT insurance. What does homeowners insurance cover?

A typical homeowners insurance policy includes the following coverages:

  1. “Dwelling” coverage: This is the coverage that protects your home’s structure and everything built into it from physical damage.
  2. “Other Structures” coverage: This coverage insures detached structures on your property such as a detached garage, an in-ground swimming pool or a fence.
  3. “Personal Property” coverage: This coverage covers your personal belongings like furniture, clothing and electronics.
  4. “Loss of Use” coverage: Also sometimes called “Additional Living Expense” or “ALE” coverage, this coverage compensates you for expenses you incur if your residence becomes uninhabitable due to damage from a covered cause of loss.  If the dwelling is a rental property, this coverage can compensate you for lost rental income during the period when the home is uninhabitable.
  5. “Personal Liability” coverage: This coverage protects you from claims made by other people who might get injured on your property (and can also cover you for injuries you cause outside of your home);
  6. “Medical Payments” coverage: This coverage will pay for medical expenses of people injured on your property.

Do you have questions about your homeowners insurance policy, or whether your home, business, or property is protected? If so, please contact us right away and we’ll be pleased to help you.