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Insurance Case Study #1: Jason and his Mismatched Granite

We recently worked with a client in Davie named Jason. Jason had a pipe burst under his kitchen sink. The damage required removal of his kitchen cabinets. To do that, his granite countertop needed to be removed first.

While removing his granite backsplash, Jason’s contractor cracked it. It was damaged to the point that it could not be repaired. And due to the unique nature of the stone, the piece could not be replaced to match the rest of the pattern.  The insurance company refused to pay Jason for his broken granite because it was damaged by Jason’s contractor. Jason’s granite, except for about a four-foot length of cracked backsplash was otherwise fine.

Eventually the insurance company stopped returning Jason’s calls. Faced with having a mismatched, cracked or missing granite backsplash in his kitchen, Jason got fed up and called us. We were able to get Jason’s insurance company to pay him over $12,000.00 to replace ALL of the granite in his kitchen (including the granite on a separate kitchen island) with entirely new granite. Plus, the insurance company paid our attorneys’ fees.

At Wyman Legal Solutions our team has the resources and knows the laws that make recoveries like this possible for our clients. Contact us today so we can help turn your property damage from “sudden and unexpected” into an insurance claim that’s COLLECTED!