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Insurance Case Study #2: Margie’s Leak Under Her Slab

Our Client Margie began noticing loose floor tiles and discolored grout lines in her living room. Margie had a pipe leak under her home’s concrete slab. Margie opened up a claim with her insurance company. The insurance company’s adjuster came out to her house and estimated $4,200 in damage. After her $2,500 deductible, the insurance company paid her $1,700.

$1700? That wasn’t even enough to pay the plumbers to temporarily reroute her water line so she could at least have running water in her bathroom!

Margie hired us to get her the money she deserved, and we went to work. First, we hired a loss consultant and cost estimator to thoroughly inspect her property to properly value her claim. Her “$1,700” claim was actually worth almost 6 figures!! Then we engaged an appraiser and put the claim through the insurance policy’s appraisal process. At the end of the day, Margie’s claim was valued at over $85,000, which provided her with the money she needed to repair and rebuild her damaged home.

At Wyman Legal Solutions we have the resources and professional relationships that make recoveries like this possible for our clients. Contact us today. Let us turn your property damage from “sudden and unexpected”, into an insurance claim that is COLLECTED!